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Eye-catching style combines with state-of-the-art iPhone technology to create this limited-edition iPhone 5s. Rimmed with an 18k gold frame and enhanced with Steve Job's words and signature, this unique iPhone 5 is made for the discerning professional.

Be one of the few to own this exclusive, elegant iPhone 5s. For those with discriminating taste and a refined taste for technology, our golden iPhone features the legendary Apple tribute logo, Steve Jobs' infamous words and his rare signature.

Demonstrate your cultivated taste in mobile phones with this limited iPhone 5s. Etched with Steve Jobs' signature and the infamous Jonathon Mak tribute logo, this gold-framed iPhone adds an exquisitely elegant touch to your every communication.

Join us in celebrating the innovative spirit of Steve Jobs with this superbly detailed, limited-edition iPhone 5s. With its lustrous 18k gold frame and tribute to the tech pioneer, this homage to the master is a statement of discerning taste.

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Price $2,999.00
Apple Icon, Silhouette of Steve Jobs
As the world mourned Steve Jobs' passing, many took heart in the touching Jonathon Mak version of the Apple logo. With Jobs' silhouette in place of the apple "bite," the tribute logo is a poignant reminder that Jobs' spirit will always be a part of the Apple legacy. We've included this legendary logo as part of our limited-edition, exclusive iPhone 5s to honor Steve Jobs' boundless contributions to his company, the tech community and the world at large.
Citation and Signature
Etched with Steve Jobs' rare signature and infamously revealing words, this commemorative iPhone 5s is the ultimate homage to one of technology's most esteemed pioneers. An elegant gold frame showcases the phone's exclusive enhancements and contributes to the phone's refined presentation. At GineeX, we are thankful for Steve Jobs' contributions to our industry and to our lives, and we honor his legacy with this limited-edition iPhone. To preserve its significance and singularity, only 500 pre-orders will be accepted, and each phone is numbered with its place in this limited production.
Elegant Gold Frame
Add a refined touch to all of your communications with this handsome iPhone 5s featuring a stately 18k gold frame and commemorative enhancements. The polished style is just the beginning of this limited edition's coveted attributes. Within its stunning frame, the iPhone 5s holds some of Apple's latest technology, including its ultra-fast M7 microproceesor, an advanced new iSight camera sensor and super-sensitive-to-light aperture. Whether you're taking business calls, recording life's special moments or surfing the web, your unique iPhone is the perfect marriage of innovative technology and refined style.